Bayberry Beer Hall pays homage to the spirit of my ­Grandfather Morton.

Morton resided in a picturesque log cabin (below) in coastal Maine surrounded by bayberry ­bushes, ­inspiring him to name the cabin Bayberry. To him the ­bayberry bush embodied the unyielding American spirit; they were hearty enough to stand up to the bitter New England winters yet flourished year after year. Morton was a man of boundless knowledge and utmost selflessness, so while the cabin no longer exists we hope to keep his legacy alive within the walls of Bayberry Beer Hall.

Bayberry is a modern American beer hall.

Years ago in Munich I experienced firsthand a ­traditional German Biergarten and became inspired. I had never ­witnessed such a seamlessly executed marriage of beer, food, and community come to life so naturally. I ­returned home eager to build a space that would recreate that ­experience so when my wife Natalie and I moved to ­Providence we got to work.

While the inspiration is drawn from a traditional German Biergarten—nodding to our German predecessors on our beer list, menu and décor—Bayberry is a modern American beer hall. We endeavor to create a dining experience for our guests that is unique in Rhode Island. We value ­building relationships with brewers and distributors to feature exceptional regionally crafted beer, and work to curate a contemporary menu that highlights the ingredients of New England. Welcome to our table. Welcome to our family.


Tom and Natalie Dennen